RFID Problem on Panasonic CF-H1

RFID Problem on Panasonic CF-H1

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We have two Panasonic Toughbook CF-H1 models with default installation (Windows XP Tablet Sp3, all drivers installed including Intel MCA Platform Driver).
Neither of them reads any RFID Tags. The reply is "No tags found!"
We have tried different tags (all ISO-15693 complaint, so should be working) with both of the Panasonic Toughbooks.

The MCA Platform Driver is of the latest version,

Do you have any ideas on what causes this problem? I will also contact Panasonic.

Best Regards

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Hi Zsolt,

There is usually a couple of reasons why RFID will not work.

1. RFID scanner is disabled on the device - Sometimes the device is disabled to conserve battery life on the MCA device.

2. Trying to scan RFID tags that are not supported - The Panasonic H1 supports most the common RFID tags, but if you are using something out of the ordinary that may be an issue.

3. The RFID tag is too far away for the RFID reader to detect it - Make sure when you try to read the RFID tag it is within 3 to 4 inches of the RFID reader port which is at the bottom of the Panasonic H1. You could even touch the tag against the H1 just to be sure.

Let us know what you find after talking to Panasonic.


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Hi Steve,

Thank you for the fast answer. I double-checked everything you said. The RFID Indicator LED is lighting, so the Reader must be enabled. The tags should also be okay, and the scanning distance too.
Panasonic hasn't replied yet.

Any other hint on the subject?


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