DVFS - modifying the processor voltage

DVFS - modifying the processor voltage

I am using cpuspeed daemon (userspace module ) to modify the processor frequency of my processors. Does this automatically
scale down or scale up the voltage too? Or is there a separate command to modify the voltage of a processor?
If so, what is it?

I have Xeon 5520 Nahelem processor. and OS is CentOS 5.3.


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We asked our engineering contacts, who responded that voltage changes are automatically built into processor performance states. Also, the Linux* cpufreq "userspace" governor and the cpuspeed daemon have been obsolete for several years, having been replaced by the "ondemand" in-kernel governor.

Our contacts also recommend that you join the linux-acpi@vger.kernel.org mailing list to receive support for Linux*/ACPI-related issues.

Lexi S.
Intel Software Network Support
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