PTU on cluster system

PTU on cluster system

I'd like to profile on cluster system like below.

%>ssh -f host1 ptu_start.csh
%>ssh -f host2 ptu_start.csh
%>mpiexec -n 2 -host host1 host2
%>ssh -f host1 ptu_stop.csh
%>ssh -f host2 ptu_stop.csh

vtsarun ./exp -s -d 0

vtsarun ./exp --stop

But, I only got 1 output file(.tb5). It included the profile just on the node.
I expected the same number of files as the number of nodes were created.

Do you have any idea for profiling on multinode with PTU?


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it looks like each node creates a file on the local file system.
to see multiple files in the same directory you should make sure to run ptu with the same directory.
imagine you $HOME is shared across multuple nodes.
then the script should look like:
cd $HOME
vtsarun exp -s -d 0
I do not see any reason why it should not work.

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