Syscfg tool- saving system configuration in .ini format

Syscfg tool- saving system configuration in .ini format

Hi ..

I am using S55XX family servers .And I am using syscfg 5.0.1 version. Its clearly given in the manual that S55XX supports .ini format. And the BIOS settings can be saved in .ini format using

syscfg /s Bios_settings.ini

It gives me an error wheni do this,and it always saves in .scf format which is not human readable. Why is it so?

Is there any other tool to get the BIOS settings?

Anybody pls help.Thanks in advance.


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Hello Urmila,

Thank you for your question!As this forum is intended for software development tools, it is not theaccurate place for you question. I would recommendvisiting support pages reffered to in the syscfg manual:

or asking your questionon the motherboard discussion forum:

whatever is most suitable for you. Hope you will be able to resolve your problem using the links above.

Best regards,

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