Using Array Visualizer 1.1 with Compaq Visual Fortran 6.1

Using Array Visualizer 1.1 with Compaq Visual Fortran 6.1


I'm trying to use AV 1.1 in connection with CVF 6.1 on Windows XP. In former times the source code I got used to work, but after a reinstallation on a new computer in cause of crew changes, the AV just doesn't open. Using AV manually works without any problems, but it's quite important for me to get it started by a fortran program. I'm using the following code for the AV to display the 2D-Array 'f':

call faglStartWatch (f,istat)
lbnd(1:size(shape(f))) = lbound(f)
call faglLBound(f,lbnd,istat)
print *, "Starte AViz"
call faglShow(f,istat)
write(*,*) 'istat faglshow = ',istat
write(*,*)'RETURN geben!'
call faglEndWatch (f,istat)

I also added the AV-directories (INCLUDE, LIB and BIN) to CVF -> tools -> options -> directories, but the "faglShow"-command alway gives istat = -1 (the other fagl*-commands answer istat = 0). I can't find anything about these error codes so I just don't know, what is not working.

So here are my questions:
Are there any updates I can (should) use with my current registration key?
Is there anything I have to consider before or during installation of CVF and AV?
Does anybody know about this problem?

Thank you for your help!


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Have you tried running one of the sample programs? I sought of remember you needed a faglVisible call to make the viewer window show up.


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