ICTCE under Windows HPC 2008

ICTCE under Windows HPC 2008

Is there any issuewith the installationand running Intel cluster toolkit compiler edition under Windows Server 2008, optionallywith HPC 2008 pack? I plan to use Intel C/C++ compiler Visual Studio 2008, Windows HPC server 2008 (on Widnows Server 2008) and ICTCE. Is it a good idea?



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As the HPC 2008 Pack I mean the release candidate RC2 which is out now.

I don't know what you consider to be an issue or a good idea. On the basis of extremely limited testing,Intel MPI worked OK ata customersite. It would be at your own risk, but it ought to work. After HPC 2008 releases, there would be a new release of Cluster Tools, probably by November, which would support it.

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