MKL FATAL ERROR: undefined symbol: i_free

MKL FATAL ERROR: undefined symbol: i_free


I'm trying to use Intel MKL with some third party code (NumPy) on 64-bit Linux.

I am able to successfully compile and link the code, but when I run it and call a function that uses MKL, I get the following error message:

MKL FATAL ERROR: /opt/intel/mkl/ undefined symbol: i_free

The library that is called was linked against MKL with:

-shared -lmkl -lguide -lpthread -Wl,-rpath=/opt/intel/mkl/

I also tried using the "pure layered model" libraries as described in the User's Guide, but I get the same error.

The User's Guide also says:

Redefining is possible because Intel MKL actually uses pointers to memory functions (i_malloc, i_free, i_calloc, i_realloc) rather than the functions themselves.

If these symbols are not redefined, where are they supposed to come from?

Thanks for any help.



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