Root domain program debugging problem

Root domain program debugging problem


How can I debug the program run in root domain?

Whether the dubug problem related with the intercrption reflection issue?

If so,can anybody point out some detailed explanation or (better) example of external interrupt interception and interrupt reflection in VMM?

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By root domain, do you mean dom0 in a XEN vmm environment?

look at:

for a good answer for interrupt reflection

I don't mean domain0 under XEN environment.

I'm now developing a simple VMM using Intel VT-x technology under Windows Server 2008. I write a driver to load my VMM. I use WinDbg to debug my driver code, that's quite ok. And my question is how could I debug my code in VMM (according to VT-x, in cpu's root mode). I have tried to put a breakpoint in VMM code, but WinDbg seems unable to deal with it. I think debugging by WinDbg needs OS supporting, but in VMM(cpu's root mode), maybe the OS environment is different. All I want to know is how to debug my VMM code. Can anyone help me?

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Do you have an ITP (In Target Probe) connected to your development system? (A debug tool that can access processor/chipset internal structures via a dedicated debug port.)

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