Supporting multithreaded animation

Supporting multithreaded animation

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I am investigating how to use Havok Animation in a multithreaded environment. There are two examples for Havok Animation multithreading given in the SDK: SampleOnly and SampleAndBlend. Here is my problem...

1. SampleOnly only has support for multithreading on the PS3's SPUsbut nothing for the PC.

2. SampleAndBlend has no multithreading support (it runs in a single thread.) Most of the PS3 code was removed from this example.

3. The documentation for Havok Physics multithreaded is great, however there is no mention of Havok Animation multithreading support.

Does Havok Animation support multithreading for the PC? If so, where can I get a good example or proper documentation?


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Hi Orion,
Sorry for the delay in responding.

There aren't CPU versions of animation jobs in Havok 5.5 (the one you have right now), but they were added for Havok 6.0 which should be available "soon" (there's another thread discussing the release schedule, but I can't find it at the moment).

You can still have multiple threads doing animation tasks, you'll just have to set up the threads yourself. Animation is a lot simpler than physics for this, since you don't have any dependancy between different tasks. The exception to this is the animation cache - if you're sampling with a cache in multiple threads, you'll need to use hkaMultithreadedChunkCache instead of hkaDefaultChunkCache.

Hopefully this goes without saying, but make sure everything is running nicely in 1 thread before you start adding in multiple threads.


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