how good is havok

how good is havok the graphics good.

2.can you make a full game (destructible and eveything)game out of try havok e.g i am a big fan of war of the worlds can i make it into a game. long does it take to make a full game let's say 15 mission's.

4.can you make people's(a.i.citizens etc..)reaction's real.

5.can you destroy anything e.gmy war of the worlds game i want to make zap a building in the building enough and it breaks in half and falls to the ground and breaks.

6.are the people (when killed)like euphoria.

well that's all i can think of i will be checking for reply's.can some people please reply.

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Hey lucearse:

Check out the advice you're being given here:

These guys are giving some great pointers on how to do what you're thinking of.


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