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Firstly, typing in all Caps in considered bad manners as it looks like you're shouting.
Secondly, you already have a thread almost identical to this one here:
Thirdly, you seem to be under the illusion that someone will hold your hand and teach you exactly how to make a game step-by-step.
Finally, you provide no information as to your problems or no example code to show what you are trying to do. (See here:

How do you expect someone to help you without even an error message to guide us?

If you want an example of how Havok works, you have the Demos that come with the SDK. If you are confused or stuck on something specific, then ask, but say what.

For reference, this is an example of a good support question. It provides background information, relevant function calls that may effect something and even a small sample of the code so everyone knows what's going on.

Since I feel that I was maybe a little harsh, I will start the ball rolling. First question: "Do you know how to program (And if so, is it in C++)?"

Thank you really, i didn't know it ws in caps(sorry to the people who thought it was offence and mr doom)anyway i heard you had some advice so thank you,to my surprise you actually replied to them so that was good.anyway i got past them error's my problem is how to get the demo started(start creating stuff)so please reply and tell me how to do it.thanks again.

thank you,i really didn't know it was in caps(sorry if anyone took it as an offence)sorry mr doom.i got by my error problem but i just want to ask how do i start creating somethingican't find it. i was also told to ask advice from you but you got to me first haha!.thanks again.please reply lucearse.

ok to be honest i haven't a clue how to program/c++ that is why i need help as you said ''start the ball rolling'' please do just get me started as i am only 14 i know it is young but if i found out you are around that agei would think you are a genius.please reply.

sorry again,also e.g of can't find how to create=eveything except havok's demos i go into is just writing and codes.what do i do please and thank you.

Some hints on how to become a game programmer:

Hello Lucearse,

I'm happy to hear that you are a curious joung fellow.

Programming a more or less professional game is quite a hard task to do and needs a lot of knowledge, but isn't impossible to do when you realy want to do it.

First you have to read, read and read even more. Alongside, you have to practice what you have read. But it can be fun, because you can quickly see results.

Ok, now the question is:

What do I have to learn?

It depends on how much you want to understand what you are doing. The minimum are the following things:

Step 1:

Learn to program in a programming language. As mentioned before C++ is a good choice for games.

A very basic book is this:

After you have understood this book, I would recommend you a second, more advanced one.

Step 2:

Now you can learn about graphics.

Maybe there is a little problem in this task, because you have to understand some things about math, especially matrices. So you need a book about this too.

There exist some books about game developing that cover graphics and the mathematical foundation of it, but most of them are crap. Maybe someone here knows a good book.

A book I read was the OpenGL Red Book. But it is mainly about graphics (not math), you can get an old version as ebook for free. Even though I would recommend the new version.

Step 3:

Now you can have a look at the physics engine. There are several free ones, Havok is one of them. If you have never used a physics engine before, select one with a broad community and a lot of samples, because otherwise it won't be fun :)

At the moment I wouln't recommend Havok for this, but this may (and hopefully will) change till the day you have accomplished Step 1 and 2.

Best regards,

Magnus Becker

Hi, lucearse; I have to commend you for trying this at 14, I remember when I was 14 and I didn't understand any of this even though I tried to.

Magnus has some excellent suggestions, as he said, C++ would be a good language, especially since Havok is programmed in C++. However, C++ can be difficult for a beginner to learn because the power it gives you allows to make some very nasty mistakes; if you are looking for something to get you started with programming, I would recommend C#, it's easier to learn and the syntax is almost the same as C++ - in addition to this, you can use XNA with C# when starting to create 3D applications.

When it comes to understanding 3D maths, I found this book to be useful:

As was stated, Havok is pretty daunting for someone who is inexperienced with Physics. If you are looking for a simple Physics engine to start with, I would reccomend TrueAxis. While that engine isn't really suited for doing complex physics, it is very simple to use and play with and should give you some understanding of the basics of a Physics API. I had to use it for an assignment and had it up and running in my game code in about 15 minutes.

Anyway, just some things for you to consider.

That's right, if you get the wrong book C++ is a threat. On the other hand with a good tutorship I think it is a good start because you learn to understand what the fundamentals of each other language are. Even better, you have to learn them, simply because else it will not work.

At my university we experienced a problem with the students which started with Java. It is completly object oriented, because of that they didn't know how to program imperativ and had not a clue about pointers.

The book I recommended helps to start with a manageable amount of the most importent C++ features, so that you don't shoot your selfe in the foot, all the time.

I don't want to say don't use an other language, since every language brings you closer to the goal and gives you more insight on the topic. After you learnd one laguage you can much easyer change to the language you want/have to use for your project.

C++ is simply a recommendation out of my personal good experience with it. There is a big variety of recommendations which language is the best to start. Some even say a script language is a good beginning.

Small correction:

"That's right, if you get the wrong book C++ is a threat."


That's right, if you get the wrong book C++ is a torture.

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