Middleware license clarification.

Middleware license clarification.

For middleware development, this sentence throws me off a bit : You can freely download and develop compatibility with your middleware
products, so that your end-users can easily download Havok components
directly from Havok to finish their games." With that sentence, does that mean that I must make it mandatory for users to download the Havok SDK? Or can I simply link static libraries into a dll for this? And does this license mean I can make a commercial middleware, or must it be freeware?

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Ahh, nevermind, I misread part of it.

Actually, speaking of middleware, is a wrapper for a basic language considered middleware? If not, what license would apply to this?

Hi Benny:

I may not follow your question entirely, but...

As you may have realized, you cannot staticly link Havok technology into anything but a PC Game, subject to the download agreement.

THis precludes inclusion of Havok techn in middleware. But enables you to make it compatible in that you can make calls to Havok functions, etc, such that the end user can download Havok Tech.

In that sense, yes, Havok tech would be required (unless you provided alternative bindings, for example).

Middleware developed in this way, subject to the download agreement, could certainly be sold for a fee.

Hope this helps.


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