Which chipsets support VT-c?

Which chipsets support VT-c?

Intel has four 10Gb server NICs in their product range which support VT-c (
Intel I/OAT +
Virtual Machine Device queues (VMDq).
See: http://www.intel.com/network/connectivity/products/server_adapters.htm?i...

Question: which Intel chipsets support VT-c, to exploit the VT-c embedded support in these Intel 10Gb server NICs?

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Well, I think that the chipset does NOT require to support VT-c (as opposed to VT-x and VT-d). However I am not sure about it. I need confirmation from the experts on this forum. Let me summarize, what I think is all required with Intel VT.

Processor support - yes
Chipset support - yes
Hypervisor support- yes
BIOS support- yes
Guest OS support - no

Processor support- no (????, I'm really not sure about it anymore; may by it should be yes)
Chipset support - yes
Hypervisor support- yes
BIOS Support - yes
Guest OS support - no

Processor support - no
Chipset support - no
Hypervisor support - yes
BIOS Support - no
Guest OS support - yes (e.g. NIC drivers)
PCI-e Device support - yes (SR-IOV)
NIC support - yes (VMDq)

It is my understanding that only the Intel Bearlake-Q = Intel Q35 chipsets support VT-x and VT-d for the desktop PCs. Not sure if VT-c is supported, if required.

For the servers, the Intel Seaburg = Intel 5400 chipset supports VT-x and VT-d. I'm not sure if VT-c is required to be supported by the chipset.

Now, above is a summary of what I think is required. I much appreciate if someone can confirm my understanding of what is required to succesfully exploit Intel VT or else amend my summarized conclusions.

Thanks in advance.


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