Can't download try havok

Can't download try havok

when i try to download havok for free, i click on the download havok link, then select all the programs, but when its time to choose an instalation location it will not load because it says 'could not find the path to your 3ds max 6 directory.'

what should i do?

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I also have a problem when i download the other link to extract the file it says that it needs a passworld

why do i do?

Just a few questions so I can try to see where things are going wrong:

It's the content tools installer that's giving you that error, right? Do you have some version of 3DS Max installed?

When exactly are you being asked for a password? When clicking the download link or when trying to extract the files from the zip file after you've downloaded it?


I cant install the 3DS Max of any type from try havok because the error pops up. am i ment to get it from elsewhere. After Ive downloaded the try havok physics, i try to locate the file called something like hk550 and then lick extract, then it asks me for a password.The only Havok system that sucsessfuly downloads is the Havok Filter Manager.

I really apreciate you helping me.


Hey Toby,

Just to clarify, 3DS Max is an application used for making 3D models and the Havok Content Tools plug into 3DS Max so you can use it to make your "levels". The Havok Filter Manager is part of the Havok Content Tools. It sounds like you have this download working, right?

As for the actual Havok SDK, what size is the zip
file you downloaded? It appears that the zip headers have gotten corrupt, can
you please try re-downloading, Can you then reinstall and let us know if you
still have an issue.

Let me know if you get this working so we won't run into this problem again! Thanks for your support!


ok i tried reinstalling it and this is what happened:

Click on try havok, goes to page with 2 links. the first link says "Havok content tools for designers and artists". I click on that link and then when asked i click 'run'. Then i check the visual studio 2005. Then the choose coponents window i select 3DS Max 9 and 2008,Maya, and the XSI is already checked with grey. Once i click next the window says 'choose directory', the space is already filled out with a C:drive for havok, but when i click next it says that 'could not find path to your 3ds max directory. I get off that and choose the second link on the try havok home page entitled 'Havok physics and Havok animation SDK for programmers. I click on open when asked. It begins to download to a folder, the size is 223mb. It takes about 4-10 minutes to complete downloading. The title of the download is "...ode_perpetual_20080530.zipfro...".

Once downloaded the folder entitled 'h550' opens on my computer. This folder only leads to other folders butwillnot load or open anything of use. I then try to extract the folder but it asks me for a password. This happens the same every time.


Those components are the plugins for those applications, not the applications themselves. Do you have 3DS Max 9 and 2008, Maya and XSI already installed on your machine? The components you select should reflect what applications you have installed and want to use with the Havok Content Tools.

It looks like that second file downloaded correctly. Could you explain how you're extracting? Are you using Windows's default "zipped folders" feature, WinZip, 7zip, WinRAR..?

There's nothing wrong with seeing just a list of folders inside the hk550 folder (there's no installer executable or anything). If you can get the files to extract, try looking at hk550DocsHavok550PcGuide.chm for how to get started with Havok.


yes, so do i open 3ds max 9 and 08 and will there be a pop or something., i have 3ds max but i thought that maya was a joint operation.

i got it working on 3ds max and the xsi, maya doesnt work but i guess i dont have that program so its all working, thanks for the support

When you install the tools for 3DS Max, then open up Max, you'll see a Havok Content Tools menu at the top and a new menu bar will be available.


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