Two linker errors relating to hkBase.lib

Two linker errors relating to hkBase.lib

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As of right now, I am attempting to build a CLR project. But, I am getting a two linker errors related to the hkBase.lib library. The unresolved external symbols are: "struct hkTestEntry * hkUnitTestDatabase" and "class hkBool __cdecl hkTestReport(int,char const *,char const *,int)"

So any idea why this would be occuring? Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi Benny,

It sounds like the linker isn't deadstripping unused symbols properly. If you add the following code to your project it should get around the problem:

hkTestEntry* hkUnitTestDatabase;
hkBool HK_CALL hkTestReport(hkBool32 cond, const char* desc, const char* file, int line)
errorReport(desc, 0);
return false;

I got this from the console example MT demo source:


Hope that helps!

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Ok, yes, that worked. Thanks a lot!

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hi seanbhristi,....
great information shared,..
There was issues with people running my debug
executable so I had to build in release mode, but I had apparently
forgotten to do that. Did you compile it yourself or did you run the
debug executable?
helpful stuff,..

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