Intel MKL 10.1 Beta 1 is now available

Intel MKL 10.1 Beta 1 is now available

The Intel Math Kernel Library (Intel MKL) 10.1 Beta 1 for Windows* and Linux* is now available for download. Please click here to register. New Features:

  • The following VML functions were added: CdfNorm, CdfNormInv, and ErfcInv.
  • The DftiCopyDescriptor function has been added to the DFTI functions.
  • Documentation updates:
    • The parallel BLAS (PBLAS) which support ScaLAPACK are now documented in the Intel MKL reference manual.
    • On Windows, instructions for use of MKL in Microsoft* Visual Studio have been improved and the documentation is accessible from the Help menu.

A few changes to note:

  • The interval linear solver functions have been removed from MKL.
  • On Linux* and Windows*, the optimized code paths for the Intel Pentium III processor have been removed from Intel MKL along with the associated processor specific dynamic link libraries. We continue to support the use of Intel MKL on this processor, but the default code path will be used and reduced performance may result.
  • On Windows*, it is no longer possible to set environment variables during the installation process. Three script files, mklvars32.bat, mklvarsem64t.bat, and mklvars64.bat are available in the toolsenvironment directory to set the PATH, LIB, and INCLUDE environment variables at the command prompt.

Coming soon: Beta 2 with more new features.

Note: The Intel MKL 10.1 Beta for Mac OS X* is only available as part of the Intel Compiler Professional Edition 11.0 Beta program. If you are interested in testing, click here to receive enrollment information via email.

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