Welcome Havok Users

Welcome Havok Users


I'd like to welcome everyone to our community support site for the Havok Physics and Havok Animation downloads for the PC, which can be found at www.havok.com/try-havok

To get started you may find these intructional videos useful: Havok Instructional Videos

This forum is intended to provide self-support for the Havok products that have been commercially licensed by Intel, on behalf ofPC Game developers, Hobbyists, Academic and Educational users, and Evaluators from all industries.

We welcome you, and hope you find inspiration and great potential in these products.

We will endeavor to help the community by providing material that augmements the wealth of information already stored in the documentation and programming samples you will find in the product downloads.

Thank you for your interest and support,


Jeff Yates

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Thanks Jeff,

Can't wait to start playing around with Havok

I wish to thank Havok in their support to the game community, WE REALLY APPRECIATE IT. I am up late just to check this release. Been waiting over 2 months for this^^.



Been waiting over 2 months for this^^.

Tell me about it. It feels so good that it's finally here and I can dig in into it :D

Great stuff, can't wait to get started.
Thanks to Havok for this!


Hobbyists, educators, and serious game developers thank you!

Now lets start spreading that Havok logo!

I'm so happy to be able to play with havok on my own now. Thanks for providing this opportunity! Hopefully we can provide feedback as well and make Havok an even better product.

In commercial games, if something doesn't work, you find a way around the problem which doesn't help make the software better. But as a hobbyist, maybe I speak for myself on this, but I'm much more willing to spend the time to help isolate a problem to improve the library.

While I think Havok is great, there's always room for improvement and I hope this will be a mutual gain for Havok and developers.



Hi John,

Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and helpful contributions to the forum.

Any feedback you and all our other users have will be listened to and is greatly appreciated. I'm sure we're all going to see some really great things come out of this whole experience!

Looking forward to seeing what all you guys can do with Havok!


hello jeff:-) i am a big fan of havok and did download the software and could you tell me how to use it please.thanks conor.

Thanks for the support

This is really cool :) Thanks a lot.
Can't wait to get home and try it out.

thanks mate.


It is very useful.



It is very useful.


And I hope I can expand it by it's SDK.


This is just a test to see if I can post something...

I'm getting javascript errors when I try to create a thread through "Start New Discussion"...

Quoting - yatesjdy

Dear Jeff,

I have been learning Havok for weeks, for some reasons I just care about the Rigid Body Fracturing Effect,

especially the examples so called SimpleFracturePatter as concerned to the Glass and Concrete.

Here, my question is, can you give me some original paper or theory that you researchers based on?

I care about it very much.

Maybe I will sugest my leader to purchase a commercial copy of the Havok source code for research.

Thanks, Hope for your answers. Best wishes.


Is this adoptive to the fast change in technology.I mean how long before its redundant?

thanks to say welcome. I am also saying welcome to every one.


after the forum design update, I cannot see any comments in the Havok Forum section.
Is this a bug ?
It seems that my account doesn't have the permissions to browse the forums (I do not see it in the list
on the forums main page).
Anyone know how to fix it please?

EDIT : seems good now ;)

Thanks & Regards,

I have just subscribed to this Forum.I need some good tutorial to get my self going with Intel Perceptual Computing and  Havok SDK.Where can i get it? Do i have to use it with VS as the Gold release demo suggested with C++ or i can use other programming Language?

Abhishek Nandy


Thanks for releasing Havok for Students for free ;)

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