Memory corruption in ILibWebServer_StreamBody (DMS)

Memory corruption in ILibWebServer_StreamBody (DMS)

Hello all,

I'm getting a memory corruption and ultimately a crash in the ILibWebServer_StreamBody function. At the end of the function there's this code:

 if(RetVal!=0 && session->Reserved10!=NULL)

And while pointer to session is valid, Reserved10 (and all other pointers in session) point to 0xfeeefeee

From my testing, it happens after a return from:

   // Nothing to send?
   RetVal = ILibWebServer_RequestAnswered(session);

Unfortunately, it's not very easy to reproduce, although it does happen pretty much everytime I try to browse/play files using a client.

Has anyone experienced this? Does anyone have any tips on how to fix this problem?


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This actually happens when I increase the DHS_READ_BLOCK_SIZE from its default 16384 to a larger chunk.

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