Intel Device Builder supports embedded Devices?

Intel Device Builder supports embedded Devices?


I'm using the Intel Device Builder with Build: 1.0.2777.24761.

I try to create a Root Device with just one embedded device. The target platform should be "Intel C Stack - Windows 95,98,NT,XP (WinSock1)" and with CR+LF Windows Style Code.
Everything works fine ( I can export the stack etc) till I try to build the project. I get the following errormessage: "upnpmicrostack.c(1243) : error C2065: 'FriendlyName2': unknown identendifier".

Can anyone help me? Does the Intel Device Builder Support embedded Devices?


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I've just followeda tutorial video description (link below)to build a sampleUPnP device on Windows XP. FYI, I selected "Intel C Stack - Windows 98, NT, XP (Winsock2)" and unchecked HTTP1.1on "Intel Device Builder for UPnP Technologies Build: 1.0.2777.24761)

Then it works fine


Good luck

Hello Johannes,

I am using downloaded 2/2012 must be version v0.0.51 and am seeing the same issue.

What did you finally do to solve the problem? AND - are you aware of any docs, videos, pdfs for this software?

I would love a tutorial. Thanks - Just using this S/W for the first time.


The link isn't there anymore - it takes you to top

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