PTU -- Heap profiler in Windows?

PTU -- Heap profiler in Windows?


I downloaded PTU today and I am very impressed!

I have a question though. It is a bit silly... I was not able to find the heap profiling command (vthprun.exe) in the bin directory. I looked at both 32bit version and 64bit version for windows and could not find it in the packages. It is in the Linux packages though, but my app doesn't run on Linux. From the user manual, the heap profiler looks quite cool, so I'd love to try it out.

Thanks in adanvance,

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This is a PIN based tool and at the time this build was made we did not feel the windows version of the tool was sufficiently stable. Keep an eye out for future releases.


Thanks a lot for the reply. Looking forward to the windows version of it.

Try the newly posted 3.0 version...I think you will be pleasantly surprised



This is exactly what i was looking for.. Thanks a lot ..

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