Hi, I'm trying to retrive connection statistic from an instance of Protocol802_11Instance but a lot of properties return null value (all counters). My network card is a 2915abg.
It's the device that not support this queries or I make a mistake?

thanks, Alberto

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Can you clarify which version of the Intel Mobile Platform SDK you are using?

You might look at the release notes for any special instructions for use of the 2915abg card. For example, in the v1.2 release the release notes (see: indicate thatfolder which contains murocapi.dll must be in the system PATH environment variable.


I'm using the 1.2 SDK version.

I read the relase note, I understand that murocapi.dll is a library of Intel PROSet/Wireless Software 9.0 (that i don't have installed), if i don't install it the properties reported below doesen't work:

  • RadioAdapterInstance.HardwareRadioDisabled event
  • RadioAdapterInstance.HardwareRadioEnabled event
  • RadioAdapterInstance.SoftwareRadioDisabled event
  • RadioAdapterInstance.SoftwareRadioEnabled event
  • Protocol802_11Instance.StatisticsReset event
  • Protocol802_11Instance.AuthenticationMode property
  • Protocol802_11Instance.EncryptionModes property
  • Protocol802_11Instance.EncryptionMode property
  • Protocol802_11Instance.AssociationState property
  • Protocol802_11Instance.SecurityModes property
  • Protocol802_11Instance.Qos property
  • Protocol802_11Instance.DataTxPackets property
  • Protocol802_11Instance.DataRxPackets property
  • Protocol802_11Instance.DataTxBytes property
  • Protocol802_11Instance.DataRxBytes property
  • Protocol802_11Instance. ResetStatistics ()

it's correct?

Yes, that's right.

Hi , once you install the Muroc dll on your machine, your problem should be resolved. In addtion, you might need to install the dirver of IMPSUNET, which will be used when you need to scan APs.

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