PTU - Conversion failed

PTU - Conversion failed

I am just starting with this tool. I ran a simple vtssrun experiment, and got the .vtss files.

I cannot view any of it, though. No matter what options, I always get the "Conversion failed" error.

> vtssview d: empprof
un2 --flat-profile

Converting trace files failed.
Conversion failed: Error calling converter

Arethere any verbose/diagnotic flags?

Sampling runs have no problems. This is on Windows XP 64.

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Could you please send us PTU logs? You can find them in directory %TEMP%/ptu-log-%USERNAME%. Just zip the whole directory and send to us. I'm not sure if this forum has attach-a-file capability. If it doesn't - send the file to alexei1 dot alexandrov2 at intel3 dot com4 (removing numbers and replacing dot/at with corresponding characters).

Thanks a lot for trying out the PTU. Looking forward to resolving your issue!

Possible cause of this problem is that you have PTU installed into a directory which path contains spaces. There is a problem in PTU 2.0 with this - make sure that your installation path of PTU doesn't have spaces.

OK, thanks. Yes, indeed, the installation directory contained spaces.

I re-installed into a path without spaces, and the problemwent away.

-- Nick Monyatovsky

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