looking for DHCP server implementation

looking for DHCP server implementation

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Hi everyone,

I'm wondering whether there is in-house developed DHCP server implementation for Windows. If anyoneknows where I can obtain this(or has worked on such project) please reply, I would be very grateful forany info/help on this

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I'm not sure what you mean "in-house developed". Can you elaborate? Also, how does your question relate to mobilized software development? Are you looking for a DHCP server with any particular capabilities?

You might search the Internet. I sure there are a number of open source DHCP servers that are available.

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 Milan Andric,

You want inhouse team for implemention to DHCP Server?

http://www.imensosoftware.com/ (Software Development Company)
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Are you looking for source code? 

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Guys, this is 2007 year thread and I don't think it is needed now.

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you have a sharp eyes:) Once I answered thread from 2003.

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