Serial-over-LAN and F1 to F12 keys

Serial-over-LAN and F1 to F12 keys

I built a console that supports Serial-over-LAN and can edit BIOS settings remotely which is very cool. I have one issue: Many BIOS accept the F9 key for such things a "Return to defaults", etc. So, I want to press the F9 key from the SOL console. What escape sequence do I need to sendover SOL for the BIOS sense the F9 key? (or any other Fx keys).

For bonus points: I figured out the arrow keys escape sequence: which work great. When pressing the "ESC" key in the BIOS, the BIOS must wait to see if I want to press the "ESC" key, or if this is going to be an Escape code sequence. So, the user pressing the "ESC" key gets a delay before that key is executed. My question: Is there an escape sequence for the "ESC" key? Something I can send that will cause the BIOS to immediately hit the "ESC" key?


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Hi Ylian,

I think the behaviours of the Function Keys during an SOL session depend on what your specific terminal emulation expect (So they will need to be input differently than how you would do it withing the AMT Commander interface.)

Here is a link that might help you with your terminal emulation woes.


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Very good link. I am not near my Intel AMT machine now, but will try it ASAP. Will mail back the results.


Someone within Intel gave me the solution.

F10 - [OM
F9 - [Op
F2 - [OQ
F1 - [OP

On my Intel AMT 2.0 BIOS, these work perfectly.


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