How to integrate Intel MPI 2.0 with Grid Engine (SGE)???

How to integrate Intel MPI 2.0 with Grid Engine (SGE)???


We're using Intel MPI 2.0 on our Itanium 2 cluster with "by hand" process assignment. We're trying to integrate Intel MPI 2.0 with Grid Engine (SGE) but we have not been successful :(

Has anyone managed to successfully integrate these software?


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we have no such expirience. Anyway, could you be bit more specific in problem description?

Best regards, Andrey


We're trying to submit Intel MPI jobs to an SGE queue, but no one has developed the script that enables integration between SGE and Intel MPI. We tried to do so, using an LAM/SGE integration script as start point, without luck.

That's our trouble, any help is appreciated!




We have had expiriense work with GPE. We run our regular testing under them scripts.


Hi Dmitry,

What means GPE? Can you integrate Grid Engine with Intel MPI 2.0?

Best regards,


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