Intel AV media renderer can't play mpeg2 file

Intel AV media renderer can't play mpeg2 file

Hi all

I can stream and play back.wmv stream file using intel AV media server ,

AV media renderer and AV media controller . but can not play back .mpeg MPEG2 file.

The debug message shows the media server has sent out the .mpeg file to the AV media renderer , but the renderer won't play back any video.

I think the render which was created by AV renderer tool is a old instance of microsoft

media player activeX dll ( version before 9.0 ) and it does not support .mpeg codec .

How to modified the AV Renderer tool sample code to let it create the latest version

of MS media player ( great than 9.0) . This might solve this problem

Any one has idea?

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The easiest way is to remove the references to the Media Player control, and drop in a version from the latest Windows Media Player SDK.


Gina B.
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