VB.NET port from c#

VB.NET port from c#

Hi,I'm just starting to experiment with upnp....I used Device Builder to create a C# stack for a Media Server.But I prefer to use VB.NET, so I ported the code (I thought succesfully)..The CDS runs, is appearing in DeviceSpy, and I can invoke Browse etc, but all parameters are inputs, ie. no data is ever returned.Does anyone have a sample that they've ported to VB.NET?? Could DeviceBuilder be changed to export VB code?I'd love to attach my project to share, but it seems I can't....Thanks for listening anyway!

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No one that I know of has ported the Device Builder to export VB .Net. I don't think there are any plans to in the future. However that said perhaps if you gave me a few more details on I might give you a little more help. Also did you look at the UPnP packet sniffer to see what is going on. That is very helpful. Did you compile the C# code and is it working?

Let me know.


Fair enough.The generated code is working fine.I gave up on porting this to VB.NET as there seemed to be a problem with the 'byref' VB.NET definition not doing what the 'out' does in C# (in conjunction with the Intel upnp dlls).Instead I just created a dll wrapper of the generated code and stuck that into my VB.NET project. Problem solved.Cheers!

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