Opencv / ipp on windows to arm linux

Opencv / ipp on windows to arm linux

I'm being asked to port an application using opencv(ms vc++ dot net) on windows to run on a network box (arm linux on ixp425).

Then sometime in the future part of the application
will be moved to blackfin or other dsp
both ixp425 and blackfin on pc104

Trying to work out the best way to proceed
(only non pc developer around here).

Have to use gcc on arm linux.

Basically capturing images from ip cameras then processing them,
can't really say to much more other using foreground/background estimation and other standard type image processing ops.

Thinking either

1. Port to linux(x86) using opencv. Then convert to ipp
then to arm linux on ixp425.
windows code isn't optimised.
Has very high memory usage.
Windows code is a moving target and I'm not developing it.
ixp425 board only has 64MB ram, current windows code uses up to 512MB.

I'm fairly sure that the memory for the windows app could easily be brought down to under 256MB while still using opencv.

Some design changes would cut memory use by half , if I'm allowed to make them.


2. Convert windows version to use ipp directly.
Then to linux, then to arm linux.

Unfortunately the choice of which way to go isn't my decision
and they want speed of porting but also want high performance
and low cost as possible(usual stuff with non developer bosses)

Interfacing with the cameras isn't a problem as using ip cameras
and its easy to capture from them.

I am allowed to use icc on linux but not for arm linux.

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