Mobile SDK: GaugeThreshold

Mobile SDK: GaugeThreshold

Unless I am missing a big change, I can't see how to use the GaugeThreshold class from C#. The three crucial properties HighThreshold, LowThreshold, and ObservedProperty are simply not present. Boolean properties for NotifyHigh and NotifyLow, and GetObservedProperty are present, but without the above-mentioned three, the class is not useable. Is there a different approach I should be taking? The file version for IntelMobileCLR.dll is 1.2005.3.417.


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[sound of smacking himself in the forehead]

I figured it out. You cannot use the GaugeProperty directly as I was. You need a typed property, such as UintGaugeProperty. Making that change, it now exposes all of the expected methods!

So nevermind on this one...


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