Intel Array Viewer

Intel Array Viewer

I'm using a Compaq Visual Fortran, and my question is :

Can i use a Intel Array Viewer with Compaq Visual Fortran, and how?

Thanks in advance!!!

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Are you looking to use the AvFRT routines? avStartWatch, avNewViewer, avSave, etc? (Note that the CVF agl routines are not supported so you'll need to modify your program to use the AvFRT routines.)

I haven't tried using these calls from CVF myself, but I can't think of any reasons why they wouldn't work. It might be necessary to rebuild the avFRT library with CVF, but the sources to avFRTare provided on the kit.

Has anyone experimented with calling AV from CVF?

Of course I think it would be preferable to use IVF to build your Fortran project rather than sticking with CVF. If there is a specific issue that's preventing you from moving to IVF, you should post the problem to the Visual Fortran forum or file a Premier Support issue.

Thanks on the tips!

I tried to use AvFRT routines but when i download Intel Array Viewer kit form the Intel site they don't have a LIB or INCLUDE directory(AvFRT.lib and AvObj.mod), so i can't use AvFRT routines.
Beacouse that i can't call Intell Array Viewer from the CVF.
Can you help me.


The Array Viewer kit includes just the Viewer and runtime components of AV. If you want to experiment with developing applications with AV, first uninstall the Viewer kit and then get the IVFevaluation kit

Good luck!


Ok!. Thanx a lot.

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