More Basic Questions

More Basic Questions

My apologies for taking so long creating dynamics examples. It's tough finding cool ones. I need a few more weeks. If I include the Fortran code for stress plots do I still need to bundle the AV download kit? i.e. Will the Fortran program just save the "H5" file, and the AV download kit view it, or will the Fortran program be able to see the plots w/o the download kit?

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No rush, take your time to find some good examples!

Regarding your question, if your fortran program uses any of the AV routines then you need to make sure that the AV runtime is installed on any machines that will be running your program. These machines can either have IVF with AV installed, orhave theAV download kit installed (from

If you want others to view .h5 files you've created, they'llneed to use Intel Array Viewer. So againthey'll need to have IVF or the AV download kit installed. There are other programsavailable for viewing .h5 files, but they won't be able to display AV-style plots.

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