IPP and Math Kernel

IPP and Math Kernel

I am considering purchasing both IPP and the Math Kernel --
I noticed that they both list Matrix Math, FFT's, and other
common functions. What is the difference in the functionality
between IPP and the Math Kernel? Are they redundant
or complimentary? Thanks for any help.


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It is up to you which one should be used.
For example, if you only call matrix operaion with small size like 3x3, then the Intel IPP Small Matrix Primitives (ippm) could be a good fit.

While using FFT, Intel MKLcan provideadditional 3D FFT.

So I would like to suggest to evaluate both Intel IPP and both Intel MKL first, check eachmanualto make sure how they fit for your development application. Thendecide which is one you will purchase.

Intel IPP

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