FFT2 has double version?

FFT2 has double version?


In IPP 3.0, FFT2 only suports float data format. double is supoorte in IPP 4.0?

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Dear Customer,
Double type is not supported in Intel IPP 4.0 neither, what is your concern for this data type in 2D FFT?


Thank you very much for your response.

I am doing something on image processing. In this project, the image size is 4096X4096 or above, I have to perform the FFTs of 4-6 images andpeferform some operations among them, so, sometimes, the result became overflow. If in double type, no overflow, I think.

(I have tried to divide a constant after FFT, but it is possible to lose accuracy, is not it?).

Best reagrads,

I'm afraid you will get mem overflow having several images 4Kx4K of double

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