Welcome to the Intel(R) MKL Forum

Welcome to the Intel(R) MKL Forum

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The Intel Math Kernel Library is a new forum for users and interested developers to discuss issues relating to this math library product. Because of the breadth of this library - BLAS, LAPACK, DFTs, ScaLAPACK (with MKL 7.0 alpha and beta), Vector Math Library and Vector Statistical Library - may draw a wide audience. We certainly hope so.

A very short note about what the forum is not: This is not a forum for technical support for the library. Rather, please go to the library support site which is staffed and set up to register and respond to support issues you may have.

As one of the moderators of this form I (Bruce) hope we can learn from the shared experiences of a wide range of users, that we may find more effective ways of using the software, that suggestions for improvements, enhancements and enlargements will arise over time.I also hope we can have fun in a constructive, amicable way.

In short, welcome to this forum. You may choose only to read what is going on in the forum. We would like you to contribute, to ask questions, to make suggestions, perhaps you have the suggestion that will be most helpful to another developer. While to say "the more the merrier" would be a cliche and thus we would never use that expression, nonetheless a large contributing community will make this a more lively and useful forum for all of us.

We encourage you to introduce yourself so we can know a bit

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