files under /opt/sag/exx/v611/tmp/

files under /opt/sag/exx/v611/tmp/

what are these files?
what is their role?
when are they being created and are they being deleted?


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Hello drors,

Looks like you got installed ok. Good!

The /opt/sag/exx/v611/tmp directory is installed during the VTune analyzer for Linux installation. These files are required by a service layer that is needed by the vtl command to do its job. (It's identified by the initials "sag.") You might want to take a look at the release notes at this point: this software layer is discussed there in more detail.

However, if you're system is like mine, you can see from a long listing of that directory that each of these files was created by user "sag" (group "root")on behalf of the services.

The directory and its contents are deleted when you remove the vtl software, or the "sag" portions of it (as the uninstall command will let you).

You can also use a long listing to determine other interesting things about those files: like that the COOL_NTD_0xc001face is not a regular file but a pipe, and you can also examine the time and date stamps to see if any of these files are updated as you use the vtl command.

I hope this helps!



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