Will Intel Software Tools run on non-Intel platforms?

Will Intel Software Tools run on non-Intel platforms?

One of the requirements of Intel software tools and compilers is an Intel processor. I am using AMD and WinXP.

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just small addition:
call graph works perfectly. Counter Monitor is also fine.

Vtune has limited capabilities on an AMD processor (time based sampling should work, no Event Based counters enabled). The compilers do well, but evidently not all of their capabilities are useful on AMD. This is what trials are for, to see whether it's worth while for you.

I'm trying use the VTune, but I have had trouble with TBS32.dll. It could be happening due my processor to be a AMD?
When I try to sample a simple C++ program (matrix multiply) ocour the message "HRESULT
produce 0x80004005 in VTSamplingWiz.cpp line 439".

How can I fix it?

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