Integrate Intel Graphics Driver Library with SDL

Integrate Intel Graphics Driver Library with SDL

I am working Intel Atom base platform.
Multimedia player like ffplay depends upon SDL.

I have downloaded ,compiled and ported the SDL for Intel Atom base processor.

I want to know how to integrate intel graphics library with SDL.

Best Regards,

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Hi Surajit,
Intel Media SDK currently doesn't support any Atom-based platforms.
Could you please expand on what you are trying to achieve and what you mean by Intel graphics library?

Hi Surajit,

There is one "embedded" Atom product that does support video encode with Media SDK API. If you happen to be working withe the Intel Atom Processor E6xx Series System-on-Chip platform, you can find information here:

The drivers for the product (which might be what you are referring to as the "Intel graphics library" ?) are supplied thru the Intel Embedded Design Center (

If this is the Atom prodcut you are using, please see the limitations described in the document. (Only 'encode' is spported, etc.).

If you are using any other "Atom" product, thier drivers do not accelearation support with Media SDK API.



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