Authencity of MVC encoded video

Authencity of MVC encoded video

Hi all,
I have used intel media sdk to get the mvc encoded output from the two views(left and right). But I need to verify that the output encoded video is a valid MVC coded video. Is there any tools available to verify the authenticity of the encoded video other than using the same encoded video as an input to the MVC decoder?

Thanks in advance...

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Hi Karthick,

sorry for the late response. We discovered that recent versions of the AVC reference decoder,,does not handle the encoded Media SDK MVC streams correctly. We are exploring why this is the case.

Other than the reference decoder I'm not aware of any MVC ES decoder. If any users on this forum have some tips/suggestions on other MVC tools please share your experiences.


There is an MVC codec pack with source code:

In addition, there are some verifier tools, but they all cost (a lot!).
The cheapest, but still expensive one(with a trial period) I found is here:

Thanks for sharing Markus. Very helpful.

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