Re: stack overflow

Re: stack overflow

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A stack setting of 4GB? That is probably not doing much good. Try setting it to 100MB. If you get a stack overflow on use of an array, a temporary copy of the array is being created. The stack is just a reserved section of virtual memory, but the total is fixed by the linker.


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I remember once I had the same type of problem. In my case, problem started when I was using statements such as:

a(i1:i2, j1:j2) = b(i1:i2, j1:j2)

Eventhough the above statement is quite legitimate, I noticed that it was causing program to crash, ... when dealing with large arrays. After seeing this, I tend to break down the above statement into two do loops whenever I am dealing with large arrays.

Ali Asi

Had similar problem sometime during the upgrades from 65 to 66a. All used to work well with stack settings, but then stopped working. Added "commit" paramter to stack settings and this fixed it for us. Eg


Sorry about the hex, but VF/VS automatically converts "user freindly" numbers to this (which should be 512M and 256M).

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