menu names,unusedqq

menu names,unusedqq

I have some questions and would like if someone could help me:
1-I want the menu names not having any letter underlined. Not using & does not works.
2-In my 5.0 version documentation there is no mention to UNUSEDQQ and YIELDQQ. I used then,cloning its use from CHAOS sample, and they work in 5.0. Where can I find help on then?
3-How to make a menu name show a numeric value contained in a variable.
I tried writing the numeric variable in a text variable, concatenating this text with ''C, and renaming the menu name with the concatenated result. It didn't work.
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UNUSEDQQ is a Microsoft hack to prevent an unused variable from triggering an unused variable warning. It doesn't do anything.

If I recall, YIELDQQ tells the thread scheduler to reschedule the thread - I tend to prefer a call to SLEEPQQ with a short duration instead.

I can't help with the other items.


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Well, I'll try to provide answers to 1) and 3). As for 1) I think it's rude to the user. As for 3) (related with 1), if I recall correctly, MODIFYMENUSTRINGQQ is broken in 5.0x. You may change the name using Win32 API SetMenuItem or, simpler, ModifyMenu. This sample demonstrates how to access handles of main menu and submenus -- just apply a different set of flags for ModifyMenu.




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