Request extension to ALLOCATE command

Request extension to ALLOCATE command

I'd like to request a Compaq extension to ALLOCATE which allows the programmer to specify the desired data alignment for the allocated array. For example,

ALLOCATE(bigarray(20000), ALIGN = 32)

the result of this command would be an array aligned on a 32-byte boundary. This little extension would save me massive headaches... :)

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I think this would be useful, too. When you're doing scatter-gather with streaming stores you need to align to cache lines or face a 2X loss of performance. Does CVF have an extension at the present time to force streaming stores via MOVNTQ?

I also think this is a good suggestion. I'll pass it along. CVF doesn't have an extension such as you describe, James. Intel Fortran might, but I haven't heard of that one specifically.


Steve - Intel Developer Support

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