Console disappears when clicking on iADP_ATDS.EXE

Console disappears when clicking on iADP_ATDS.EXE

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Reposted for Robby I just installed the Windows sdk into my brand new Samsung NC10 running XP with Intel Atom processor. Clicking on iADP_ATDS.EXE produces a brief flash of the console and then nothing else. Clicking on runATDS.bat also produces a brief flash of the console. When I try running the exe from the command line then the console immediately vanishes. What am I doing wrong?
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I think you better use Command Line. There's several benefits you can get from it, i.e. your application's UUID

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This is the same problem I am facing as well

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This should be the solution for both of you:

Please let me know if you have any trouble.

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Hello All,

that you see the console coming up for a very short time and disappearing is the expected behaviour when you run runATDS.bat.
The Batch file will launch iADP_ATDS.EXE and then exit.

If you check the process list in the task manager you will find iADP_ATDS.EXE running.
Same when you run stopATDS.bat. The console will pop up for a second and shut down the ADP_ATDS.EXE process.

Best Regards,

Andre B.

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You did nothing wrong. For various reasons that's the way the ATDS behaves. We plan to make the ATDS to log to the console window it was run from in a future release.

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