Viliv S5 Linux Drivers

Viliv S5 Linux Drivers

Hello, I am working on viliv s5 UMPC and I am looking for touchscreen, GPS and WLAN drivers for Linux. I tried to install Ubuntu Mobile Internet Device (MID) Edition and Moblin 2.1 Netbooks and Nettops to check if they have drivers for it, but I saw that they also haven't got drivers for viliv s5. By default viliv s5 is coming with Windows (7 or XP) on it. I want to install these drivers on a Linux distro which is modified for menlow/atom arch. Do you know how can I find Linux drivers or/and how can I make it work ? Thanks in advance ...
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Might something like this help you out?


I recommend that you check with the manufacturer of this device.
This website is for software developers generating applications and components for the Intel Atom platform so we can't help with drivers problems.

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