Windows AND Linux, right?

Windows AND Linux, right?

I just want to double check this, since I recommended the contest to a bunch of people. ;) The Fast Track and Dollars for Downloads is open to both Windows and Linux apps, right? I ran across a confusing quip on a blog, that I wanted to be sure was wrong.
So that means if even you developer a free app, you’ll get $500 when it’s approved and $2 per download. (Up to a limit of $5K for a free app. $25k for a paid app.)
It’s Windows-only right now but expect further announcements (and we get the feeling that more funds are set-aside) for the Moblin, sorry MeeGo-based app store soon. I'm pretty sure they're speaking of the beta AppUp client (that's Windows only), but those unfamiliar with the specifics might read that as if the contest is Windows only. Thanks,
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Update: removed my previous text due to new information. Please see the comment from Hal below. Thanks.

Thanks for the clarification. That makes sense.

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the question and great news! We WILL now accept both Windows and Moblin apps for Fast Track 2010 and Dollars for Downloads 2010. Get your app in early and take advantage of this new fund!

Hal G.

Technical Support Team
Intel® Atom™ Developer Program
Intel® AppUp(SM) Center

Thats excellent news.

I can't wait to see some apps from the Linux side of the ATOM Developer Program. I keep hearing about their progress, now I want to try them.

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