Why I need it on Windows?

Why I need it on Windows?

Hi Team, I'd like to someone explain me why I need this SDK. The netbook are installed with Windows XP or other Windows, then all existing Win32 exe will be working. And as a developer, using Windows SDK to create a win32 exe is easy. So I'm wondering why should I use Atom SDK instead of Win32 SDK? Thanks, Eric
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I have seen your question but there are no exact query about it .If you want to something more please click here.
dainik bhasker

Atom SDK is used only to integrate your application with AppUp. You can use both SDKs in your application.

I see, thank you!


The ATOM SDK does not replace the Windows SDK. Think of it as an authentication SDK, allowing you to ensure your application is only executed by those that have purchased it. As a bonus it includes some helpful features like error logging. Besty of luck.

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