Run from store

Run from store

Hi... I beta tested my application. It installs the app in my computer & finally i click the run button. It shows the black screen. But when run that app from the shortcut created on my desktop, it works fine. What is the error? Plz help me!
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can you give us more details about your application and the computer you run the test on ?

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Andre B.

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This has to do with your application not being able to find it's resources due to the startup path being different than you expect. Please read the following links as they explain your situation:


We did check with the Orca Tool and found everything to be in place. It did not show any errors. Did you find anything Dinesh? Please confirm

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Can you confirm that your application is finding all of it's resources when running from AppUp? This is a common problem, when images and other resources can not be located due to the startup path on the shortcut being different than expected.

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Hi Brian my application doesn't load any resources .I put the all dll files into my system folder but its not solved.

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All images are embedded and your call no packaged DLL's?

The next step would be to create a DEBUG build and attach your debugger at runtime to step through your initialization code.

When i click play button from the Store, It searches the images on the folder of "AppUp center beta folder".

But my application installed in another folder. How to link these two?

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A common solution is to store your media path in a registry key on the local system. This will ensure that no matter where your application is installed, it will be able to find its media folder. This link will give further clarification:

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