BlitzMax ADP Integration

BlitzMax ADP Integration

Hello, is there anyone who successfully integrated the ADP functions in a BlitzMax application? My problem: It doesn't find the functions ADP_Initialize and ADP_IsAuthorized (undefined reference) and gives me the same error for ADP_DEBUG_APPLICATIONID when I remove the comment from that line. I don't really know much about C and I don't find a solution. My integration code in BlitzMax (just for testing) is the following: -------------------------------------------- Import "inc\adp.c" Extern Function check:Int() End Extern Notify check() -------------------------------------------- The imported adp.c is a slightly modified version of the hello world sample: -------------------------------------------- #include #include #include #include "D:\Intel Atom Developer Program SDK\include\adpcore.h" int check() { ADP_RET_CODE ret_code; const ADP_APPLICATIONID myApplicationId = {{ 0x12345678,0x11112222,0x33331234,0x567890ab}}; //const ADP_APPLICATIONID myApplicationId = ADP_DEBUG_APPLICATIONID; if ((ret_code = ADP_Initialize()) != ADP_SUCCESS ){ //printf( "ERROR: exiting\n" ); return( -1 ); } if (( ret_code = ADP_IsAuthorized( myApplicationId )) == ADP_AUTHORIZED ) { //printf( "Hello World!\n" ); return 1; } else { //printf( "Not authorized to run\n" ); return 0; } } -------------------------------------------- does anyone know what's wrong? (I also tried the CPP version but it didn't work because I don't know how to enable exceptions for imported c++ codes when compiling the BlitzMax code) thanks for reading
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Have you set the library path for your project? It should be something like: C:\Program Files\Intel\Intel Atom Developer Program SDK\lib

that doesn't seem to be possible in BlitzMax but BlitzMax has its own lib-folder so I tried copying all the lib files into it. it didn't help.

Unfortunately I do not have BlitzMax, however a search yielded two potentially helpful links:

If you need any further help perhaps I can download a trial and see what I can figure out.

thank you very much for your help. I'll check this out.

No worries, I will try to get an eval copy in case this requires more digging.

Thank you, it's not necessary. I'm now using a DLL compiled with Visual Studio 2008 which seems to be a much easier solution. :)

Good to hear, best of luck. Going with VS2008 gets you Intel support :)

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