SDK-getting started

SDK-getting started

Good day, One of the developers I am working with has a few questions with getting started. Could you assist? Last night I had started on the SDK. But I am struck on few things. 1. I had installed Intel Atom Developer Program SDK in my windows system 2. Started iADP_ATDS.exe by executing runATDS.bat 3. Digging deeper, it looks like I need VC++ environment to work on the apps ? Is that true ? Am I in the right path ? Should I try mobin environment ? I am confused. I spent couple of hours digging around in the morning and went no where ? Regards, Danny
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Hello Danny,

This question has been answered here:

Use VS 2008 if you are creating applications targeted for Windows operating systems.

Hal G.
Technical Support Team
Intel® Atom™ Developer Program
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