Rule Violation of the Best Media Magnate Contest

Rule Violation of the Best Media Magnate Contest

At first, I have nothing personal against the winner of the recent contest, Rob Jagnow, and nothing against the winning game, "Cogs GO". But there is a clear statement in the contest rules, which are available here: The statement is: ******** A participant may submit more than one entry. However, each must be substantially unique (at Intel’s sole discretion) to qualify for this challenge. At the time of submission, the participant must designate one category. All entries must be participant’s original creation. The entries may not be offensive or otherwise unsuitable for use, as determined at the sole discretion of Intel. Participants must comply with Intel AppUpSM Developer Challenge Official Rules, the Intel Terms of Use and the Intel Privacy Policy. Applications may be entered in all categories including, but not limited to: Best Make Me Smarter Application, Best Life Improvement Application, Best App to Replace Pen & Paper, and Best Media Magnate. Any application (or substantially similar application by the same participant) that was submitted to the early access Intel Atom Developer Challenge, the first Intel Atom Developer Challenge or the ‘Submit Early. Win Big. Promotion’ is ineligible to be considered again for prizes awarded in the Intel AppUpSM developer Challenge. ******** So it's obvious, the nobody may participate with exactly the same application twice. If we will look into Rob Jagnow's profile on this program: We can see, that he has two submissions, one for the Games nomination in August, and one for the Other (!!) nomination in September: node/1752 node/1940 And both the submissions highlight exactly the same application, Cogs GO. But that is against the rules!! Please correct me if I'm wrong. Kristin Melville, Gina M Bovara, the Intel marketing team, I want to hear your comments on this.
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Hi Valerian,

According to my understanding, The app developer whose app has participated in Intel Atom Developer Challenge which held Last year i.e 2009. The winners were announced already. So i think the app which u have submitted is not eligiable for 2010 Developer Challenge.

Where as Cogs Go has submitted only twice for the 2010 Developer Challenge. Thats fine i guess. The above rule says that if u have already submitted the app for other promotions which was submitted for 2009 Developer Challenged i.e Called First Intel Atom Developer Challenge, now its second. And Submit Early these are old programs , their idea is to avoid the same old apps submitted again this year for a new contents.

You can enter the same application in different categories for the current developer challenge thats nothing wrong i guess.

I may be wrong or even right. My way of understanding is above. This is my view.

Hope this helps to clarify.

My understanding of the rules was that this related to previous competitions also.

I didn't enter the "Media Magnate" App competition because I didn't think I had anything which was related to the subject matter but apparently that didn't matter after all. Not sure how a puzzle game fits the bill really... not sour grapes here just disappointed I didn't enter something (anything) as I have several puzzle games I could have entered.

Steven, yes, that's very strange, that an application from the Other category won the Best Media Magnate nomination. Is it a universal category, so a submission that was/is/will be in Other may be eligible for prizes in every nomination?

Personally I am happy to see a winning app as a technically rich game.
But the category rules should be clear, as I would also have submitted games if accepted in this category.

The intention of the clause below was to allow new developers a chance to win prizes awarded in the challenge- a developer cannot win a prize in an earlier challenge for a particular app and then win again with the same (or substantially similar) app in a later version of the challenge. The key phrase here is “ ineligible to be considered again for prizes awarded…”.
In the case of Rob Jagnow, (Pixel Wrangler), and his app Cogs Go - he did NOT win prizes in the previous challenge so IS eligible to submit his application in the current challenge for a chance to win.

I hope this clarifies things.


With respect to the rules, there is no condition about winning of a previous contest(s), so we can assume that it is forbidden in both the cases: if a participant won, and if (s)he did not.

UPD: forbidden = "ineligible to be considered again for prizes awarded in the Intel AppUpSM developer Challenge"

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