Rejected because a link on my website

Rejected because a link on my website

Hi! Today my app was rejected and on of the reasons was INC03 - In application advertisement. App contains about box with a link to my own web site. On this site i have a fee app for Windows. And that was a reason of my MeeGo app was rejected. I think this is a strange. This is my app and i could place links to my own web site. Right? Or i should make my apps unbranded and hide any info about developer? Another question about UI. Second reason was UIX02 - User interface consistency: The application contains no way for the user to exit I never sow MeeGo tablets before. There is no hardware "Home" or "Back" buttons? Every app should contain a cross (like on the Windows window) or Exit button?
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I am interested in official answer to this problem.
I think the rule being considered is:
"Applications may not encourage users to upgrade or buy their application or other applications outside of AppUp"

I have seen a lot of apps giving link to their own website. Are these websites monitored?
Advertisement is forced but a link is clicked on user's will.
So if the app says "we have ABC for you at XYZ", it is wrong.
But if the user clicks a link on app to visit developer's website and the website says "we have ABC for you" then there is nothing wrong, whether ABC is free or paid.
If I am wrong then no major developer/publisher can sell any app through AppUp if a link is given in the app.

Funny workaround: Change your website while your app is being validated.

I decide to just remove the link to my site from about, this is a faster way to resolve this issue. My link was: "Visit our website". Nothing about our products, upgrades, offers, just "Visit our website".

But... In this case, app still contain info about developer (hidden advertisement). User could google for my web-site and found another products. And in that case to be AppUp developer i should remove all my free products from my web-site? Great.

Any comments from the validation team?


If you offer the same app (or very similar) for sale on your website, this may be considered up-selling and violate the validation requirements.


I did have the same issue some time ago. It took a while to discuss that with my account manager and the validation team, but the result was that I changed the link from "Latest updates always here:" to "Support:".

They told me that I'm not allowed to encourage the user to update from my own webpage. I can live with that.

But as long as I'm developing and releasing free applications here, I will place a link to my webpage in the products - otherwise it would not make any sense for me to develop free applications.

Anyway, the link itself seemed not to be the problem, just the term "Latest updates always here". So I just changed that and the validation succeeded.

Best regards

Here is an work around. Write a thread in your application, make it active after 10(X) minutes of application launch. Fire a standard browser and lead the browser to your website. Please do not make and/or pack any standard HTML page in your application. Before uploading the application make sure you change the Major version and submit for validation. It always works.

Our app was REJECTED because it DID NOT HAVE A support link in submission. NONE of the other about 10 applications had it and they got published OK.
ONE DID NOT HAVE IT AND it did not get published. The validators are either CLUELESS about what is required and what OPTIONAL in Intel submission forms or this is another show of INCONSISTENCY. The support URL LINK is NOT REQUIRED IN A SUBMISSION FORM. I think Intel validations is a DISASTER.

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